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The Angelica tomentosa returns

Look who's back!

Last year I planted two Angelica tomentosa "Wooly Angelica" seedlings in one of the patio plant beds. I tended to them, watering carefully several times a week during the dry season.

Alas, they perished.

Early this month, one of them reappeared sprouting a tiny branch with leaves

And this week a second little branch appeared.

This is very exciting for me, because the Wooly Angelica is a native California habitat plant that attracts many kinds of beneficial native insects.

The flowers attract the insects while the leaves are larval food for the Anise Swallowtail.

The plant does well in partial shade and likes moisture.

In full bloom, during the summer months the Angelica, a perennial plant, can grow three to five feet in height.

I hope this Angelica will thrive and attract many bees and butterflies.

This is the same plant a month ago.

It is currently four inches high

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