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Birds out in the rain

The Bay Area got soaked yesterday, which is just what we should have every winter.

During periods of lighter rain I looked outside for signs of birds.

Here is a Golden-crowned sparrow in one of the garden beds by the patio.

The photo was taken through a glass sliding door.

A California towhee sat high on a crabapple branch, chirping in the rain.

The little white vertical lines on the photo are rain drops.

Earlier in the day, when we were having light rainfall, I walked around the yard to check on the water collecting in watering cans and the rain barrel.

As I approached a Japanese eggplant growing in a large flower pot, I noticed a little, round bird hopping in the eggplant, apparently eating bugs under the leaves.

I had never before seen a bird like it.

It wasn't afraid of me, as I stood frozen in my tracks.

I looked up on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website what kind of bird it is, and it turns out to be a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

It looked exactly like this. Photo is from the website, taken by Greatblue1.

How exciting to have observed this sweet little bird for the first time!

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