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House Finch, American Robin and a Yellow-rumped Warbler

The story continues...

The two previous posts discussed the male house finch, American robin, and the Yellow-rumped warbler at the bird bath.

And here is an unusual meeting of all three.

The house finch was determined to continue bathing, while the robin patiently stood by, taking sips of water from the bath.

Meanwhile the warbler was getting visibly annoyed, waiting for its turn in the bath.

It flew from a wooden post nearby, to the blackberry vine, and then flew off, circling around the patio.

After the robin flew away, the warbler landed on the platform.

Meanwhile, the finch was still having a great time in the bath, diving in and splashing.

I think this is a very funny shot of the two birds.

The warbler is now agitated, since the finch still won't leave the bath.

And then the warbler flew away.

Note the yellow marking on its rump.

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