Anna's hummingbird and the Abutilon shrub

There is a section of the garden beds on the patio where the plants are specifically for our local hummingbirds.

The Abutilon "Red Tiger", or "Red Tiger" Flowering Maple is one of them.

I planted it last year in the spring as a seedling, and it is now over six feet tall, and constantly in bloom.

It seems to be in the perfect spot with well-draining soil, and in part shade.

The Anna's hummingbirds visit the blossoms throughout the day, for the nectar and any little insects that may be on the blossoms.

The hummingbirds seem to have a routine here.

First they visit the Salvia Greggii, next the Cuphea Minnie Mouse shrubs, followed by the Abutilon "Red Tiger", Chiapas Salvia and finally, the Baja Fairy Duster.

Sometimes they top this all off with nectar from lavender plant blossoms and insects on the Meyer lemon tree leaves.

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