Hermit thrush in the birdbath

Well look who is having a great time in the birdbath, a hermit thrush.

It may be the same bird I saw in the morning in our neighbor's camellia tree.

I was on the patio this afternoon, looking through a box of dried wildflowers and started to hear soft splashes of water.

And there it was, enjoying the fresh filtered water in the clean bath.

It's hard to explain the feeling of pure joy I have, when I see birds thoroughly enjoying the little birdbath.

These birds show up in our area in the fall through the spring.

This is the first hermit thrush I've seen in our garden this fall.

They visit from further up north, and in the winter survive on fruit, berries, and worms.

They migrate at night and often die in collisions with skyscrapers and transmission towers.

But I hope to see more of these birds this fall through spring.

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