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As long as there is nectar

Even though a lot of plants are going dormant, we still have bees and butterfly visitors in the garden every day.

As long as there are nectar and pollen sources they will come.

The indigo spires salvia is still producing blossoms on its spires.

Currently it is one of two salvia plants in the front yard that are still blooming.

Alas, the other three salvia plants didn't get enough water for the past couple of weeks, so the blossoms dried up.

But the plants will revive and will bloom again soon.

The two borage plants are still blooming and have frequent bee visitors, like this honey bee.

These plants produce nectar every two minutes!

There are so many umber skippers all around the garden.

I think they are multiplying here in the native grasses.

This umber skipper is perched on a Coreopsis Grandiflora Sunburst blossom.

I love this plant. It blooms throughout the year and attracts both bees and butterflies.

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