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Art with a little help from garden friends

Today I finally had some time to make some solar prints on fabric.

We had some bright, sunny afternoon hours, and just some light breezes so the conditions were ideal.

Just as I pulled out the first treated piece of fabric onto a board, before I could place any dried plant pieces down, a honey bee landed right on the fabric with a gentle plop.

I think it was just as surprised as I was.

As it started to crawl on the fabric I said, "No, no, no. You can't be here."

Gently, I blew it onto a flower close by. It seemed unconcerned and continued to sip nectar from flowers.

A few minutes later as I stood by the fabric with its arrangement of dried leaves and petals, an umber skipper landed on the back of my hand for the duration of the solar exposure of the fabric.

This was for a minute and a half.

Then, as if the skipper knew that time was up for the exposure, it flew away.

Moments like these are always special.

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