Garden delights

It's almost October and yet we're just past the peak of produce growing in our backyard.

This September has had the lowest temperatures that I can remember in all of my 20+ years here in the Bay Area. Usually September is the hot and humid month, but not this year.

I'm not complaining, and I love the fog.

Just wondering what our garden bounty would have been if we had had higher temperatures.

This is the first year I tried to grow strawberries.

I purchased two small strawberry plants from the Spiral Gardens stand at a farmers' market

Look at that luscious strawberry.

Garden critters ate a few of the berries, so we try to pick these as soon as they are ripe enough to eat.

One of our neighbors gave me a little cherry tomato plant in July.

The plant is now lush and full of these delicious tomatoes.

Fresh off the vine, organically grown tomatoes are such a treat.

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