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Just hanging out with the honey bees

The honey bees were busy in so many different flowers this morning, it was such a pleasure to observe.

Here is a honey bee taking a brief break from gathering pollen and sipping on nectar, sitting on a nasturtium blossom.

Look at the pollen all over the bee.

Another honey bee landing on a giant yellow zinnia.

I have had this plant growing in a pot for about ten years, and this is the first year that it is producing so many large blossoms.

I really don't know why it's doing so well. Maybe the grape seed compost I've started to put around the plants.

The bees and butterflies love the zinnia blossoms.

And yet another honey bee approaching a Bishop's Children dahlia blossom.

These dahlia blossoms are frequently visited by bees and butterflies.

As long as the blossoms are deadheaded after blooming, the plant will keep producing new blossoms. And this is such a rich, vivid shade of magenta. But with this particular dahlia, you can't predict the blossoms, because they could be lighter shades of pink, or even peach and orange.

So far, our plant keeps producing only magenta blossoms.

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