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Borage plants and Bees

Borage is such a great plant.

It provides nectar for pollinators all day long, replenishing its nectar every two minutes (!).

I think that is just amazing.

It's no wonder that it's a favorite with the bees.

We had a couple of borage plants growing in the garden last year.

I hoped that they would reseed themselves.

They did, but the slugs got to all of the seedlings.

So I bought four more borage plants this summer, and they are doing well, producing a lot of flowers.

In the photo above are a honey bee and yellow face bumble bee on opposite sides of a borage plant. Can you spot them?

Here a yellow faced bumble bee is hanging upside down from a borage flower.

And here a honey bee is hanging upside down from a borage flower.

I'm always on the hunt for native plants that will bloom at different times of the year so that there is always food for the pollinators.

Borage usually starts to bloom here in late spring, and then keeps blooming throughout the summer. Let's see how long these will bloom, hopefully at least for another month.

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