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Bees love the California Delta Sunflower

We planted California Delta Sunflowers again this year, but for some reason they aren't thriving as well as the ones we planted last year.

Only one of the three that we planted is growing taller, but only about four feet, and with just a few small branches. But the flowers, as you can see here, are very vibrant and healthy.

A variety of bees visit the flowers throughout the day.

Here, a honey bee is collecting pollen and nectar.

The flowers also provide a nice bed for the bees.

Here a yellow-faced bumble bee is sleeping, face downward toward the petal.

Note the bee's distinctive yellow hairs on its face.

A leaf-cutter bee is getting nectar and collecting pollen from the sunflower.

These bees appear in our garden in July and are active here for a couple of months.

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