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California natives still blooming

This lovely plant, Woolly Blue Curls Trichostema lanatum was planted a month ago as a seedling in our mostly native garden area.

It is native to coastal chaparral areas of California and northern Baja California.

Woolly Blue Curls is a small evergreen shrub that grows to three or five feet high, with violet colored fuzzy spikes.

It is a water-wise plant that attracts bees and hummingbirds, but does need regular watering until it is established. It does better in well-draining, sandy soil, but so far is thriving in our yard.

I give it a lot of water on the weekends, and once or twice during the week give it about 2 cups of water.

The Woolly Blue Curls is a fast growing plant that lasts just a few years, but I think it is still worth having in the garden for the pollinators.

This plant has been identified as fire-safe because of its low flammability.

The Sea Cliff buckwheat Eriogonum parvifolium is native to the bluffs along the coast of central and southern California.

It grows best in sandy soil but also tolerates clay soil.

It hosts a large variety of insects, including bees and butterflies.

This is a very easy plant to have in a garden because it is very low maintenance and is drought tolerant.

California poppies are always a cheerful sight.

All of the poppies in our garden are producing a second round of growth with lovely blossoms.

They are also considered fire-safe, due to their low flammability level.

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