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More Monarch Caterpillar Fun

We currently have in the monarch caterpillar hampers fourteen chrysalides, eleven in "j" positionand twelve caterpillars. We released one male butterfly today, and a female eclosed in the afternoon.

The two caterpillars in the image above are chewing on a narrow milkweed stalk, while a third one is eating another leaf.

All three of them went into "j" mode this evening.

It's so interesting when the caterpillars contort themselves into many positions to pull down the leaves to eat.

This caterpillar decided to inspect its environment.

Good thing these caterpillar "cages" have zippers to close.

No "Houdini" incidents here.

Well, hello there.

One side of the caterpillar cage is clear.

We felt like this caterpillar was observing us.

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