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Success with two male monarchs

Oh, how lovely he is.

Late this morning both monarchs emerged in good shape.

They are both males.

Monarch male number one emerged at 10.30 am and monarch male number two emerged eight minutes later.

Monarch male number two, on the left is emerging from its chrysalis, while monarch male number one is drying his wings.

Just two guys hanging out, drying their wings.

As you can see, monarch male number one is slightly larger than monarch male number two.

Several hours later they were both ready to take flight.

In the top photo is monarch male number one, who after resting in the open hamper for about an hour decided he was ready to leave.

Meanwhile monarch male number two in this photo was still hanging out in the hamper.

When he flew out he rose vertically, gently wafting in the air, until he flew to our neighbor's shrub.

Monarch male number one decided that the Meyer lemon tree was a good place to hang out for a while.

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