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Honey Bee full of pollen

While observing the variety of bees visiting the blooming lambs ear patch, it was such a treat to see this honey bee land on the flower whorl.

Look at all that pollen on its head and thorax.

Years ago, when I saw a bee covered with grayish pollen, I didn't realize it was pollen. I thought the bee was ill with some kind of virus. Silly me. But I had never seen so much pollen on a bee.

And what blossoms produces white pollen at this time of year in Northern California?

Basil flowers and lupines for example.

Well the pollen certainly isn't from our lupines, because the yellow lupines aren't in bloom.

One yellow lupine shrub has mildew and a lot of fat grayish-green aphids, It has now become a hub of ladybug activity, with a lot of ladybug larvae feeding on the aphids.

Possibly the pollen is from basil plants.

This bee will have a lot of work moving all that pollen to its baskets.

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