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Anna's Hummingbird feasting

July 2, 2018


We have a lot of plants to provide the hummingbirds with nectar and some areas of the patio seem to have ended up being mostly for their benefit.



We have salvias, Cuphea sp.'Minnie Mouse', a foxglove, an "Red Tiger" abutilon, and Scrophularia californica"Bee Plant", all in the plant beds. And the Anna's hummingbirds often visit.



Yesterday I finally succeeded in taking decent photos of one of these beautiful little creatures.

In the image above the hummingbird is feeding on the nectar of the flowering blackberry vines that form a privacy wall between our neighbors and our patio.

The red flowers you see are growing on a large Salvia greggii 'Royal Bumble' plant.












And here the hummingbird is feeding on the nectar of a Centranthus ruber "Red Valerian" flower head. This plant is native to the Mediterranean, and is growing like weeds in parts of our patio flower beds. It can be quite invasive, but are very lovely and attract bees, butterflies and birds.




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