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Ladybug party

And those ladybugs are multiplying on one of the Yellow Coastal Bush Lupines!

Originally I observed some ladybugs eating green aphids on the shrub.

I figured that's great, let them clean up the shrub.

I started to prune a few of the dried up ends of other parts of the shrubs to prevent more aphids multiplying.

Then I noticed a couple of ladybug larvae, such as the one above.

Aphids provide the perfect food for ladybug larvae.

Not only were the ladybugs devouring the aphids, but so was the larvae.

Now there are even more larvae on the shrub, and aphids multiplying as well.

This is turning out to be quite the host plant for the ladybug population, which I'm so happy to observe. I just leave the shrub alone.

It's become an interesting situation.

The more aphids there are, the more ladybugs and and their larvae to eat the aphids.

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