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Here comes the honey bee, straight for a Blue Thimble flower globe

It so much fun to observe bees and butterflies visiting native plants in our garden.

Here is a honey bee heading straight for a Blue Thimble Gilia capitata flower.

These plants are native to most of California and start blooming late Spring through the Summer.

They are drought tolerant, but produce more blooms for a longer period with some water.

I water our plants once a week.

Each flower head consists of anywhere from fifty to one hundred little blossoms that form a globe shape. These globes are popular source of nectar and pollen for bees and butterflies.

I read that the flowers tend to grow to about two feet high.

This year the first flower stalk that developed in our native plant patch shot up to five feet high!

And even better, these plants easily reseed so that you can have entire garden areas full of these lovely flowers.

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