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Ladybug to the rescue

I noticed this seven dot ladybug on a leaf of one of the Lupinus arboreus "Yellow Coastal Bush Lupine" shrubs.

Looking closer I realized that the ladybug was at work, getting rid of nasty grayish green aphids covering the blossoms, stem and leaves of one area of the plant.

You can see them here crawling in a line along the stem and on some of the leaves.

My first reaction to the aphids was eeewww!

I'll see tomorrow how much progress the ladybug made.

You can see how the aphids infested this part of the shrub.

I read that ladybugs can eat up to 75 aphids per day.

These aphids are quite large in comparison to the ladybug, but I did see another ladybug near by in the same area of the shrub.

Maybe together they'll make a nice big meal of the aphids.

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