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Bewick's Wren

We are fortunate to hear bird calls and songs throughout the day in the garden and surrounding trees.

To capture these creatures in a photo is a challenge.

Having the camera at hand at the right time is the trick.

But I got lucky this weekend.

Above is a Bewick's wren on a fence looking down at our patio and plant beds.

Note the long, upright tail feathers.

These birds eat bugs, beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and occasionally seeds and fruit.

I saw this wren foraging in one of the Sunshine blueberry pots, so maybe it ate some of the ripening berries.

These wrens were once common in the Midwest and eastern mountains of the US, but now the population has plummeted. They are rare now in those areas.

I am so glad to see them frequenting our garden, and I love to hear their trilling songs and chatter in the trees and in the underbrush.

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