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The beautiful colors of Spring in the garden

Although we haven't had rain for about a month, and probably won't see any more showers until late Fall, the colors in the garden are so vibrant.

Some of the poppy plants that have been lush since the winter months have dried up or are already developing seed pods. But there are still many blooming, such as the orange chiffon plant here. It is growing from seed that I saved from last year's blooms.

We have only one borage plant growing.

I'm disappointed because the few borage plants we had last year reseeded and there were many little ones sprouting during the winter.

Maybe there just wasn't enough rain to provide the necessary moisture to sustain the plants, because just this one survived and grew.

This is a bee magnet for the nectar.

Fortunately there are a lot of other plants surrounding it to provide nectar and pollen.

The lovely Agastache Mexicana "Sangria" is starting to bloom.

Here it is poking through the patch of Bird's Eye Gilia.

Hopefully it will grow tall, as they normally should grow to 3 to 4 feet high and wide.

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