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Spring showers bring the flowers

Plants are responding well to all of the Spring rain, producing the beautiful colorful blooms of the season.

Above is an image of the California poppy "Apricot Chiffon" plant producing lovely blossoms for the second year. I'm so happy to see the plant blooming again. Better yet would be if it reseeded and more of this particular poppy would grow in the native garden.

Both Coreopsis Grandiflora Sunburst plants are looking great.

They are planted in opposite corners of the native garden, and are about four times the size they were a year ago when I planted them as little 4 inch seedlings.

Vigilant deadheading always pays off. The plants stay healthy and steadily grow.

In this photo are two lambs ears plants in the foreground.

As you can see, they are very substantial, which will delight the wool carder bees, who collect the furry fiber for their nests.

The pale lavender flowers on tall feathery stalks are tricolor or birds eye gilia, which all sprouted from seed spread by one tricolor gilia plant last autumn.

The yellow flowers to the right are tidy tips.

I planted four of these plants as seedlings during the winter months.

They bloom throughout the winter, and grow even taller than when they are planted during the warmer late spring or early summer months.

An orange California poppy is on the upper left of the photo.

It is just one of many that, as a group,are a stunning sight to behold.

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