New plants

I just can't help myself when it comes to plants.

Somehow I feel you just can't have enough of them.

A few weekends ago we went back to Annies Annuals

where I purchased this Clematis "Avant Garde" vine.

It should produce very beautiful double petaled crimson and lavender blossoms.

The plant is bee-friendly, grows rapidly and is drought tolerant.

It is planted in a large pot next to one of our side gates, opposite the "Carolina Climbing Aster", which is also bee-friendly.

And I am trying, once again to grow a Delphinium cardinale"Scarlet Larkspur", in the front garden.

The one that I planted last year in the same area, did produce a 24 inch tall stalk with lovely red blossoms. But it eventually withered away and that was the end of it.

Let's see what happens with this plant.

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