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American Robins and Cedar Waxwings

The American Robins have been in residence since early February in our neighbor's coastal redwood tree. We hear them chattering and singing from early morning to sunset, flying to and from the tree.

The Cedar Waxwings arrived two weeks ago, and now the tree is just a hub of bird activity with the occasional squirrels scolding, Oak Titmice singing and Northern Mockingbirds practicing their repertoire of songs.

Cedar waxwings are such beautiful birds with their black masks, crests and bright yellow tail feathers. I haven't observed any close enough to see the bright red droplet spots on their wing feathers.

The flock of cedar waxwings in the tree is huge.

Just in this photo alone, there are forty birds, plus the one on left flying in to join the flock.

They spend a lot of time sitting on the branches, preening.

I hope to observe them devouring the ivy berries growing below the redwood tree.

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