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Happy Spring Greetings from the Honey Bees

Between rainstorms on Sunday I inspected the patio and rest of the backyard to see if anything new was sprouting.

Hearing buzzing sounds I first noticed a honey bee flying in and out of a daffodil blossom.

This must be the first time I've seen a bee around daffodils.

Daffodils contain both male and female reproductive organs, therefore are self-fertile.

But some daffodils, in natural conditions, are pollinated by the wind or bees.

Sometimes bees could be attracted by the bright yellow of the flower, especially if there isn't much food for them otherwise.

There are other food sources near the daffodils, such as rosemary and lavender blossoms.

Maybe the honey bee was just curious.

Here is another honey bee visiting lavender blossoms.

And another honey bee approaching a rosemary blossom.

If you look closely, you can see white pollen on the hairs on top of the thorax of the bee.

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