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Getting acquainted with a Golden Crowned Sparrow

This weekend I was re-potting some plants on the patio and heard a lot of rustling in the nearby shrubbery.

I quickly ran in the house to get my camera to try to get some photos of birds.

Walking quietly to a side of the yard where there are large tree branches hanging down, I noticed this Golden Crowned Sparrow nearby, foraging in the gravel for bugs and seeds.

It was very surprising to see how the bird didn't seem to mind my presence.

Also, it helped that my new camera is very quiet, no loud shutter clicks.

The sparrow then flew into a shrub behind it.

I took many photos of the bird, but am still getting used to the focus system.

As you can see, the sparrow is not as much in focus as the branches in front of it.

This was a very patient bird.

It quietly sat for at least five to ten minutes on the same branch, and watched me as I took the photos. Maybe it thought it was fully camouflaged, or maybe it didn't see me as a threat.

I'd like to think it was the latter.

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