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Spring is here

Here are some images I took this morning just after the fog started to lift.

It was a thick fog that enveloped the house and surroundings until close to midday.

And you can see the moisture it left on the flowers and leaves.

These lovely daffodils are growing in one of the plant beds on the patio.

The bulbs were planted by a previous tenant of the house.

I dug them up last year in the process of planting native plants, and relocated them in groups.

Now there are more of them, looking stronger than last year.

It's that wonderful time of year when the freesias start to bloom again.

I planted the bulbs in pots more than a decade ago.

And ever since, each year, they are a herald of spring.

The African Daisies, growing a ceramic pot, have been blooming for about a month now.

This is a very hardy plant with dozens of blooms and buds.

Note the cucumber beetle on the closed blossom to the right.

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