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Hermit Thrush in the Bird Bath

It's that time of year for some rare hermit thrush sightings.

I only have seen these birds in the winter, on the patio, both here and where we used to live, in the Berkeley flatlands.

Usually I've observed them foraging around potted shrubs such as salvia and lavender.

Not only does this thrush here forage in the patio plant beds and potted plants, but it also bathes in the bird bath.

These photos aren't so great because I took them quickly through a glass sliding door.

But I always get excited when birds that just visit for a brief time, during just one season of the year, enjoy the plants and especially the bath.

Here the thrush is preening its feathers after splashing in the bath.

And finally, shaking the remaining excess water from its wings, shortly before it took flight.

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