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Orchids getting ready to bloom

We only have a couple of plants indoors, a couple of phalaenopsis orchids and an aloe vera.

It took me many years to realize how easy it is to care for orchid plants.

They don't seem to like much fuss.

So I just give them very little water, once a week.

They are growing in small pots on top of bookshelves, with light filtering in from a window.

Now both plants are producing buds, one with a new spike.

This is so exciting, and just in time for the Chinese New Year.

The Phalaenopsis orchid is considered a lucky plant for Chinese New Year because it is said that the petals resemble the wings of a butterfly, symbolizing spring, happiness, vitality and longevity.

You can see the new flower spike growing almost horizontally under the large leaf to the left side of the plant in this photo.

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