Salvia shrubs in the front yard

Some of the salvia shrubs are doing so well now.

The above image is of a blossom on the Mexican Bush Sage salvia leucantha that actually spread from our next door neighbor's property border.

I cut it back several months ago when the plant looked very dry with woody branches.

Now with the cooler temperatures and some winter rain, the shrub looks lovely.

These are blossoms on an Indigo Spire Salvia plant growing near the Mexican Bush Sage.

A year ago we transplanted this salvia from a large flower pot into the ground.

The plant has grown three times in width and is almost always full of blossoms.

The bees and hummingbirds are always sipping nectar from the blossoms.

Today while I was in the yard I observed a Yellow- Faced Bumblebee Bombus vosnesenskii visiting these blossoms. I couldn't get a photo of the bee because it was moving quickly between the blossoms.

These bumblebees seem to always show up around this time of year, and are regular garden visitors through late summer.

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