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Mockingbird's delight

We are so surprised to see that the figs on our potted Black Jack fig tree are actually ripening now. We bought the tree late Spring of this year.

And starting in the summer, the tree started to produce fruit.

There are a dozen figs, and they have been green for many months.

Now they are suddenly growing quite large and ripening.

It took me a while to figure out which creature was nibbling on the second fig to ripen.

At first I thought it was a squirrel, because we used to see squirrels on the fig tree that is growing in the front yard of the house where we used to live. They would love to feast on the fruit.

Some birds were also very fond of the figs, among them American Crows and even an Acorn Woodpecker!

A few days ago, in the morning, I spotted a Northern Mockingbird, which first landed on the patio fence. Then it flew into the lemon tree, and finally landed on a branch of the Black Jack tree.

It nibbled on the ripe fig that was already partially eaten.

Every day there is less an less remaining of the fig.

It must be the mockingbird's secret stash of sweetness.

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