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American Crows' treasure

The object above seems to be just an ordinary plastic cover for a jar.

But you are mistaken if you think so.

This is a treasure for the American Crows who love our next door neighbor who leaves them pieces of bagels and other crumbs on the sidewalk in front of her house.

The crows often observe me from the utility wires high above the sidewalk in front of the house, while I work in the garden.

I first noticed this jar cover about a month ago, when one of the crows picked it up in its beak from our neighbor's sidewalk and dropped it on the roof of a neighbor who lives across the street from us.

Then a few days ago Tony observed how two crows placed the same jar lid on two utility wires, where it lay, balanced in place until the wind blew it down to the street.

Now the lid is on the ground in our front yard, close to where I recently planted two Yellow Coastal Bush Lupine seedlings.

I don't know now if this is an offering from the crows to me, or jif our front yard is just a temporary resting place for the lid until they resume their game.

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