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The climbing aster plant is blooming

It's so wonderful to see plants blooming for the first time, especially later in the year.

As you may remember from my posts earlier this year, we purchased a Carolina Climbing Aster Aster carolinianus seedling. We planted it next to a side garden gate and Tony built a simple arbor frame for the plant.

Since this aster blooms from September through November, it took a lot of patience and hope that the plant really would bloom and climb up the arbor. I enriched the soil with with grapeseed compost several times during the summer months, and regularly watered it.

Now the waiting is over and the plant is covered with little buds and lovely blooms (top image).

The photo was taken from the front yard. Those lovely lavender colored blossoms are like a nice greeting, peeking over the side fence next to the gate.

These blossoms provide another food source for both bees and butterflies.

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