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Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies

Now we are seeing a lot of butterflies around the garden, both in the native garden area and patio. They are always so lovely, flitting quickly from flower to flower, and then soaring in the breeze.

Here are some of the butterflies I photographed this afternoon.

Above is a cabbage moth getting nectar from the English and French lavender plants.

A pretty American Lady butterfly sipping nectar from a blossom on one of the Coreopsis Grandiflora Sunburst plants. Look carefully and you can see its black proboscis inserted into the center.

The California hairstreak butterflies visit every afternoon when the sun has baked the native garden for several hours.

Here is one on a Scabiosa Alba blossom.

And the same California hairstreak seen from above, perched here on a Lambs Ear plant.

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