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Bees love the dahlias

Earlier this summer I purchased a dahlia plant, "Bishop's Children" because the blossoms are so lovely. Because the colors vary, and orange is the predominant color of the blossoms, it was a surprise to see the plant just produce vibrant dark pinkish reddish ones.

The plant is growing in a 7 gallon pot, constantly producing blossoms, although because of our recent heatwave, it seems to be slowing down.

All day long, bees visit the dahlia blossoms for pollen.

Honey bees are the main visitors, but I have also seen carpenter bees and hoverflies on the blossoms, too.

In the top image you can see the large pollen basket on a honey bee.

The bees are very thorough, visiting each blossom, combing them for pollen.

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