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Big birds and the bath

It is so funny to see the local large birds using the bird bath.

The small and medium sized birds, such as California towhees, House finches, sparrows and the occasionally hummingbird, literally bathe and swim there.

And the larger birds don't want to miss out on the fun.

A few days ago I saw this fledgling crow (yes it is full-sized, but is missing some adult plumage) in the bird bath. First it sat on the rim of the bath, then climbed on to the small stone in the bath.

There is stood, drinking water

The photo is taken through a screen door, so I am surprised that it turned out this well.

Then the Western scrub jays despite their size come for a bath.

Usually they announce their arrival for a while, like this fledgling before actually flying to the bath.

Here is the fledgling after it was done drinking water, just before it flew away.

Its beak is open as it announces departure.

This photo was also taken through the screen door, which gives the soft effect.

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