A hooded oriole visits

These photos of a hooded oriole were taken 10 days ago, from our kitchen porch and through a screen door to the patio.

I was standing on the porch, about to open the kitchen door, when I heard unfamiliar bird chatter sounds. As I slowly looked around, I saw bright yellow color moving in our neighbor's bamboo thicket. And sure enough, it was a hooded oriole.

What a nice surprise to see one again, because I've only observed these birds a couple of times.

Fortunately I had my camera with me so that I could get this shot of the bird before it suddenly flew into more shrubbery around the patio behind our house.

It took this second shot through a screen door of the oriole in the blackberry vines, hopping toward the crabapple tree.

Although this shot is blurry because it is shot through the screen, I like the dreamy quality of it.

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