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Vegetables in season

We grow herbs in pots all year round, but the only time we have vegetables growing is in the summertime. We usually grow tomatoes, cucumbers and beans.

At our previous home we were successful enough with these vegetables.

But here at our new home, where we have a lot of direct sunlight for most of the day, the plants are larger and producing more crop.

From experience I have figured out that cherry tomatoes are easier to grow and less likely to split on the vine. We have three cherry tomato plants in pots, and the first tomatoes to ripen are the Sungold cherry tomatoes (in above photo). They are so delicious fresh picked off the vine.

This is the first time I planted "Sweet Green" cucumbers.

Look how they are growing in the container.

One of the cucumbers was 12 inches long!

They are so crisp and refreshing.

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