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Oaklandia Passionflower is blooming

The Oaklandia Passionflower Passiflora parritae x tarminiana‘Oaklandia’ vine is now producing beautiful red blossoms about 3 inches wide. It's such a lovely sight.

You just never know when you plant something new if it will thrive because of so many factors - enough or too much light, the right soil, too little or too much water.

Somehow I'm doing something right for this plant.

And now the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Agraulis vanillae has been visiting every afternoon, spending a lot of time near the blossoms.

I use old black tights to train the vine along a wooden beam above a garden gate. The tights are soft for the plant and easy to tie around.

The photo above was taken in the morning.

This photo of another blossom was taken in the afternoon.

The vine is growing out of a large pot next to a back gate, climbing up along a cast iron rod and then along the horizontal bar above the gate. See how much it has grown since I planted it this year, in March !

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