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Gulf Fritillary visiting the patio

Yesterday we had our first sighting of a Gulf Fritillary butterfly visiting the patio.

I first noticed it as kept flying around the Passiflora parritae x tarminiana‘Oaklandia’ vine.

There are a few buds on the vine, which soon should bloom.

Only now did I learn that these caterpillars only feed on Passionflower leaves.

No wonder it was so interested in the vine!

The butterfly ended up on flower heads of one of our Butterfly bushes Buddleia that we are growing in large containers. Although the Butterfly bushes are invasive (which is why we keep them growing in large containers, not planted in the ground), they provide a good nectar source for butterflies.

It also enjoyed the sweet nectar of the lantana plant, which we also have growing for this purpose.

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