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First blooms in the native garden

Aren't these California rose chiffon poppies lovely?

I've never grown them before, and am so excited to see how this plant is thriving in the heat.

The plants do get a small drink of water every other morning.

Still, they are exposed to some intense heat for at least nine hours a day.

This is one reason why it's best to grow native plants.

The other of course is too help feed the local pollinators.

Apparently this plant will live several years if kept dry in the summer and will reseed itself.

I'm just wary that if I don't give it any water that it will shrivel up in this heat.

And here is the first blossom on the Scabiosa caucasica Perfecta Alba plant.

It is not a California native, but does feed bees and butterflies.

The stalk is at least ten inches tall, and there are some other buds on the plant.

This is a perennial plant, and is drought tolerant once established.

Since this is its first summer, I do give it a little water daily.

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