The native plant garden now

Every morning before before getting ready to leave for work and every evening when I return home, I always check our native plant garden for new developments. Every day another plant starts blooming.

Right now the Tidy Tips plants are drying up, having put on a lovely show with their cheerful yellow flowers for the Spring season.

In the image above the Indigo Spire Salvia plant is front and center. In the background you see orange California poppies, Navajo fleabane and Tricolor gilia "bird's eyes".

Here is a current view of part of the native garden with Coreopsis grandiflora sunburst, Indigo spires salvia, Apricot chiffon poppies (behind the salvia plant), Hidcote pink penstemon, orange California poppies, ribes (under the mesh cage to protect it from deer), California fescue fountain grass, Navajo fleabane, white yarrow, Tricolor gilia "bird's eyes", Siskyou grass, and Lambs ears.

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