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food growing on the patio

Less than a month ago I planted some vegetable seedlings, hoping that they would grow.

I planted them in a spot where the sun shines at least six hours a day.

And now they are all flourishing.

Above is an image of the blossoms of a Sunset runner bean plant.

I tend to plant runner beans mostly because I love the blossoms and lovely lush vines that crawl up the metal obelisk.

And the beans are tasty, too.

The tomato, cucumber and basil plants also are rapidly growing.

They are soaking in all of that heat and light from the sun.

The tomato plants are Chocolate Cherry, Berkeley Striped, and another cherry tomato plant whose name I forgot. The basil is Genovese and four cucumber plants are Marketmore.

We also have a "Little Finger" eggplant (not in the photo above).

I haven't had much success with eggplants before, so we'll see how this one grows.

And let's not forget the two wonderful Sunshine blueberry plants that we brought with us when we moved here.

Thanks mostly to the pollinating efforts of the Yellow-Faced Bumblebee Bombus vosnesenskii there are a lot of berries on the bushes.

I wondered how long it would take for the California towhees to take notice of the ripening berries. This past weekend at least one towhee has been checking out the berries, and eating a few. Sharing with the birds is fine with us.

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