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Colors on the patio

Every day brings new surprises to the patio.

There's always something else that is blooming, bringing a different color.

I'm especially happy to see the Westerland roses blooming.

This plant is growing from a pencil sized cutting I took a couple of years ago from a huge rosebush we had growing in the garden of our previous home.

I just stuck the cutting in a small flower pot filled with some potting soil, and let it grow there.

By the time we moved to our current home last November, the plant was about two feet tall in the same small pot. I transplanted it a few months ago into a seven gallon pot and added some grapeseed compost to the soil.

With all the winter rain and sun the rosebush has grown to four feet in height, producing mutliple blossoms.

And the scent is divine!

This is our miniature pincushion plant.

It has grown at least three times the size it was when I first bought and planted it in this pot, a month ago.

It feels very soft to the touch, and keeps producing these pretty little dark pink flowers.

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