Cosmos blossoms for the bees

This year we have at least twice as many cosmos plants growing on the patio as well as in the front yard. I'm looking forward to seeing the bees and butterflies enjoying the nectar and pollen on these blossoms.

Above is the first Cosmos bipinnatus "Snow Puff" blossom with its lovely ruffled petals.

Here is the first blossom on our Cosmos sulphureus "Orange Klondike".

In the past years whenever we had one of these cosmos plants blooming, we saw many kinds of bees on the blossoms, Honey Bees, Leaf Cutter Bees, Wool Carder Bees and even an Ultra Green Sweat Bee.

This is the first time we are growing Cosmos bipinnatus "Xanthos".

What a lovely blossom.

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