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front lawn to native plant garden

May 23, 2017


And now an update on the progress of the front lawn transformation.

The soil is slowly turning to large chunks of hard clay, and the lawn is drying up.

Meanwhile the native plants that I've been planting since February are thriving.



Above you see the gradual transformation of the front of the yard.

From left to right: Coreopsis grandiflora sunburst (yellow flowers), Orange chiffon California poppies, Gilia tricolor "Bird's Eyes" ( group of little pale lavender blossoms), Indigo spires salvia (green shrub), Lamb's ears (along the borders), Borage, Tidy Tips (drying up), Navajo fleabane (look like daisies), lavender plant, California fescue, Woolly Sunflower, Agapanthus, Margarita Bop penstemon








Here is a closer look of the left side of the native plant garden.

More images will be posted of the right side of the garden, as well as below our front window.









 And this is what the yard looked like during the winter rains when I first transplanted the Indigo Spires salvia, two lavender plants and a very little Ribes plant.




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