California Bumble Bees and blackberry blossoms

Now that the blackberry bushes are blooming there is constant bee activity going on there.

What a delight to observe a California Bumble Bee Bombus californicus (Apidae) flying from flower to flower, gathering pollen.

In the image above, the California Bumble Bee is in profile on a blackberry blossom. It has black hairs on its face (to the right) and a moistened pollen pellet on its hind leg corbicula.

Here is the same California Bumble Bee on another blackberry blossom, seen from behind.

Here is another California Bumble Bee mid-flight between blackberry blossoms. Note its antenna and its smaller pollen pellet on the hind leg corbicula.

I couldn't resist adding this image of another California Bumble Bee seen from behind as it flies toward blackberry blossoms.

Look at that wing action!

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