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An Ivory Banded Digger Bee and the Indigo Spires Salvia plant

Here is another prime example of "if you plant it they will come".

Now that the Indigo Spires Salvia plant that I transplanted into the front yard is blooming, there are all kinds of visitors to the plant.

As you saw in my post yesterday, I already observed an Anna's Hummingbird sip nectar from the same plant's blossoms.

On that same afternoon I saw an Ivory Banded Digger Bee Anthophora californica (apidae) fly to the salvia.

Look at those big green eyes and ivory color banding!

Approaching from another angle

And again from the right side

These bees are solitary and nest in the soil, so I'll try to keep some areas of flat bare soil for them.

Some of their favorite nectar sources are salvia and lavender, so I guess I'll see them more often in the garden.

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