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bath time for the California towhee

In this warm weather the birds are starting to visit the birdbath very often.

Usually they come by to drink the water.

I've seen house finches, gold finches and California towhees taking a drink.

One evening last week we observed an Anna's hummingbird bathing in this birdbath.

It was the first time I saw a hummingbird in the birdbath.

And today a California towhee took a long bath, happily splashing.

Above you see the BIG splash as it dove headfirst, with its tail in the air.

Here is a sequence of the bath:

Looking in the bath first

A few careful splashes

Aahh, first good splash

Then came the BIG splash you saw in the top photo.

Okay, all done

Very soggy feathers, ready to shake them dry

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