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Bees on the patio

There is a lot of bee activity on the patio, but these creatures are so quick, that it's been a challenge trying to photograph them!

Here is a honey bee in a Meyer lemon blossom.

All day long they flit among the flowers, especially now that it's been very warm for the past few days.

Other bees I have observed here so far are carpenter bees, wool carder bees and digger bees.

Of course, in February, the yellow-faced bumble bees visited the blueberry bushes several times a day, but I haven't seen them for a while, now that the blossoms dropped their petals and the berries are forming.

It'll be fun to see what happens when the five or six cosmos plants grow and start to produce their lovely blossoms. They'll be a nice treat for the bees.

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bees in the bay breeze

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